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GMT +10 (Australia)

Why you want to be GM:
I would like to be a Gm or Gfx Artist for this server because I like helping out new servers, and help boost their popularity.

How long have you been playing AngelicMS:
The client has not been released yet but I shall check day to day for it.

How many hours you play a day:
On weekends I am able to play all day, except for when I am at soccer. On weekdays It depends about homework. I usually complete it at 5 so i can play from around then to whenever I get tired :L.

What would you do if you see two people fighting:
If two people were fighting, I would see what it was about before taking any actions, then help settle it. If it does not work, or if a scam had occurred, Jail would be the consequence.

Description of your self(optional):
I'm A pretty laid back person. I am into Sports, Video editing, GFX. On servers that i have been GM on, I have been well known for hosting great and creative Events on a regular base, as I am aware that many get bored of training and need something fun to do .

Special Ablities(optional):
Beginner Coder,Still GFX,Video Editor, Map.WZ editor(begginer), Been GM on around 10 servers, and have owned my own.

-Thanks and gl to all. Smile

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Acpeted cheers

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