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Boom's GM application

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1Boom's GM application Empty Boom's GM application on Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:24 pm

Name: Andy

Age: 18

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone

Why you want to be GM: I would like to be a GM because I really enjoy giving a helping hand to those in trouble.

How long have you been playing AngelicMS: I will be playing this once it is online!

How many hours you play a day: Well, this depends. During summer, I usually play 1-5 hours, but during school I play 1-2 hours.

What would you do if you see two people fighting:
First I will inspect the fight to see how serious it is getting. Then I will take the appropriate action upon them. If it is minor, it could just be temp muting. If it was more serious, I would jail the person of wrongful doing.

Description of your self(optional):
First off as you already know, my name is Andy. I am 18 years old, so almost graduating from high school. I am an honor roll year round and I do student council, so you may expect me to be very mature. Mmmm don't worry, Iam not as boring as I sound, I can be a pretty crazy guy actually! I also play the violin, so I am very creative!

Specail Ablities(optional):
This is what I value the most about me. I am just sooo easy to talk to! I can get along with everyone! If you mean real life, I am very good at violin!

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